Windows 10: The Serious Business Platform

Windows 10: The Serious Business Platform

Although Apple’s iOS continues to advertise themselves as your all-in-one operating system, Windows 10 can’t get discounted. No matter what your profession or area of study, the latest Windows version might be the ticket Microsoft needs to level the playing field.

As far back as those cheesy commercials with Justin Long representing “Mac,” Windows has long gotten lauded as good for spreadsheets, and not much else. However, with the amount of cross-platform support that Microsoft has implemented, it seems that attitude is slowly changing.

Windows 10 runs on desktop, laptops, tablets, and even the Xbox One console. As a result, you could seemingly use it all day long for business and pleasure.

For example, what if we needed to hire a Chicago personal injury Attorney such as Willens Law Offices? Chances are, we’d start researching which cases they have settled and how often they are actually in court and not settling outside of the court system.

Because Willens Law Offices is likely going to remain heavily geared towards serious automobile accidents, birth injuries, and catastrophic injury related to and including wrongful death of a client, a Google search on our Windows machine is paramount.

With Windows 10, we can access results on our tablet, then sign into our account later on the desktop version to continue. And if my realtor happens to be game, I might bug them on my Xbox later.

Utilizing the Timeline feature, we never need to worry about remembering where we left off. That is exciting news for when you see a dozen listings on the same day.

Microsoft has also beefed up security measures, allowing me to work on the go with confidence. That means allowing myself to stop for a cup of coffee between seeing homes without worrying about hackers.

Apple still has its place, but Windows 10 is well worth a second glance for business or investing.

New Features of Windows 10

New Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 has been ground breaking software that has helped users to be more efficient with their work. It offers various tools that are user friendly and make work easier for programmers. However, Microsoft keeps updating the operating system to make it even more efficient for the betterment of the user’s experience, twice every year.

Following are some of the features that Windows 10 will be offering in 2018:

  • Timeline – The update will add a timeline to the windows desktop. This will be similar to viewing the browser history of a website. It will enable users to continue with work that they may have left midway. These services will be available on PCs, iPhones and android handsets.
  • Cloud Clipboard – This feature enables users to copy images, texts, documents and links from PCs to android phones, ios (that use Microsoft swiftkey keyboard), if both devices run on windows 10. It makes working very convenient for users to share and transfer data from one device to another.
  • Story remix 3D feature – It is a tool that allows users to create a video clip and blends 2D and 3D features to the images. The feature is highly dependent on surface detection and tracking technology.
  • Sets – Windows 10 will be introducing the concept as a way of grouping various, websites, files and documents under one tab. The tab will be able to include many different applications under the same tab depending on what the individual is working on. It makes working on a specific topic easier and reduces chances of confusion.